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Friday, July 15, 2016


We have been busy here in Coshocton and alot has happened since our last update.  

Noah has fully recovered from his surgery, made it to Teen Missions for his boot camp and then onto Ecuador for a summer of evangelism and construction.  We have heard vary little from him due to his remote location but what we have heard has been positive.  Please keep him and his team in your prayers this summer.  Noah worked hard in school last year and was awarded some scholarship money this summer.  The award was an answer to prayer and for it we thank God.  He is a Junior in high school and will be attending OSU Newark part time this fall.  (Noah is middle back row.)
 Today is Luke's birthday, he is 13 and on the list of things he wanted was a dog.  Ripley turned out to be a slightly pre-birthday present but Luke did not mind.  He loves her and she follows him around everywhere.  She will be an excellent companion and friend for many years to come.
 We are busy here in the engine room at MMS as well, actually the most busy I've seen since I've came here.  We have 3 engines in process and a 4th to be started next week.
 Jenny is repairing an engine for Missionary Aviation Fellowship.  The engine was damaged because the propeller hit the ground when the aircraft was landing.  It has been an excellent learning opportunity as she has had many opportunities to learn from and deal with numerous unforeseen problems.
 David has been working with Bob and Tim in completing the overhaul of Mexico Medical Missions engine.  During a routine oil change, aluminum was found in the oil filter, when the problem was investigated a hole was found burned through a piston, overhaul of the engine ensued.
Today an engine was delivered from International Bible Mission.  They operate a Cessna 206 in Bolivia where their main focus is on planting churches among un-reached people groups.

I am overhauling an engine for Arctic Barnabas Ministries, located in Alaska. Plus the supervision of the the other apprentices and engine projects.

Some prayer points:

Hannah and Luke will be away at camp next week.  Please pray for their safety and for them to make friends and find kindred spirits.

Noah's surgery bills are arriving and we are praying for God to meet the need for our deductible and for Gods continued provision for our family.

We thank you for partnering with us, Josh

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