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Wednesday, April 20, 2016


(This post should have gone up a week ago.)

I am amazed at how quickly life can throw you a curve.  I guess that I am just naive enough to think that one day will be like the next. 

 Sunday the 10th, around 11 Noah woke us and said his stomach hurt.  We made him some tea and had him lay on the couch so we could monitor him.  By 3 am we were up and getting dressed for the ER. 
 He had his cat scan at 6 am, diagnosis of acute appendicitis by 7 am, surgery at 8 am and recovery by 9 am
The hospital released him at 6 pm.

Noah is at home now, up and around without much of pain.  He'll have 4 new scars on his stomach as a testimony to Monday's events, as if we could ever forget.  We are very thankful for the timing of this (not that there is ever a good time for your kids to get sick and require surgery) but right now we are in the calm before the storm of calendar business.  Noah has his Eagle Scout project  coming up at the end of the month, family vacation during next month and he will leave for his Teen Missions trip in June.  We are glad he was home and not in Ecuador when this happened!

Newton said that for every action there is an equal reaction.  Noah needing surgery was the action the reaction will be the upcoming bills that will start filling our mailbox.  The great part about these bills coming is that we have no money to pay them!  How is that great you ask?  I stand at a place where I have stood before and have seen God answer prayer, move mountains and supply for our needs and I know He will again and that is exciting!  Please pray with us as we seek His provision

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