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Monday, December 11, 2017

UIM 206 Finished!


Well a lot happened between the last post and this one.  I'm sorry I did not do a good job keeping the blog up over the course of this project.  I would encourage you to find me on Facebook for a more regular coverage.  But, I will also try harder to keep this up as well.

After nine moths of work we were able to return the UIM 206 back to them in a much better condition than it was given to us.  We replace the entire nose of the aircraft from the firewall forward actually including the firewall which was made here on site.  The belly of the aircraft was completely replaced with either donor parts from another aircraft or fabricated by us and the tail-cone was reskinned.  New windows we added at the end. UIM will complete the aircraft which will include a paint job.

UIM supports local churches and church planting missionaries int he very mountainous region of Mexico where the closest village could be a 20 hour walk away or a quick 15 min flight.

I am happy that I got the opportunity to serve MMS, the trainees that I was supervising and UIM.  God is going to use this plane to deliver light into the darkness.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  Josh

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

New project and it is not an engine...

It is a new year and I glad to say the start of a new project.  This 206 was damaged when the pilot landed short of the runway. The nose gear broke off and the main gear were twisted until the gear box and everything around it was broke or damaged.
As you can see the rest of the airplane is fine it will just need alot of repairs in the belly and some new skins on the tail cone and maybe a new propeller.
I have two great guys working with me Brad Hoblit and Glen Evert. Both certificated mechanics and both very skilled. We are looking forward to returning this tool to kingdom work over the coming year.


Monday, December 26, 2016

Hannah's Teen Missions Trip

  Greetings all! As you have read in my former blog post, I have been accepted to go to Nepal with Teen Missions! As my trip as grown closer, I have gotten new details that I can share with you. The purpose of our trip is to continue construction on a 3 story building for an orphanage in Ularbari, Nepal, but first we will meet in Florida for 2 weeks of intensive training at TMI's 'Boot Camp'. Classes in spiritual growth, Bible study, evangelism, music, puppets, and construction will help prepare my team and I for our ministry. On the field, in addition to our work project, we will be involved with evangelism ministry, Bible memorization, Bible studies, and special classes to help us develop goals and spiritual maturity. On Sundays we will share the Gospel through personal testimonies, music, and puppetry in local churches and the surrounding areas.
  At the conclusion of our ministry, we will join other teams for Debrief - several days set aside for fun, rest, and relaxation to prepare us for returning to family, church, and friends. We will also attend classes designed to help us readjust to life at home and get more involved in ministries at our school and home church. After this time, we will return home to share our ministry experiences.
  I am asking approximately 47 friends to contribute $25 a month for 4 months, equaling $100 overall. If you would like to support me in this journey, please go to and enter my name and team number (Hannah Adelsberger 17023) then enter the amount you wish to give. Thank you for considering to support me!
Blessings, Hannah

Thursday, September 22, 2016

My debut blog post - Kristi

We realize we haven’t been consistent with our blog updates this year, so we are resolving to have a post for you every week again.  We have had many of you ask for more family posts, so we’ll start there.  And people have also requested to hear from me (Kristi).  Please give me some feedback on my debut post – I don’t really care for writing or blogging, but will do my best to fill you in on some family life. (Be sure to find us on Facebook – Adelsbergers in Aviation – to see even more pictures and everyday life here at MMS and at home.)

 Noah has had a pretty exciting 2016 – some good exciting, some bad…  You already know about his emergency appendectomy in April.  He has recovered fine.  We appreciated your prayers through that ordeal.  Will you please continue to pray with us as we start to see our medical bills?  Our insurance plan has a deductible of $10,000 that we will have to pay.  (A huge thank you to GLBC who has already given towards it!) 

You also know that he was able to spend the summer in Ecuador with Teen Missions.  Thank you to everyone who donated so generously!  As parents, we can’t endorse Teen Missions enough.  It is just wonderful to have your child come home so on fire for God!  Here are a couple pictures of the building site his team worked on.  It is at the site for the new Teen Missions base and will house the new Missionary Bible and Work school for Ecuador youth. We'll try to get him to write a more in-depth post, but for now here are a couple pictures.

When Noah returned, he had a week before classes began.  This year he is doing a full time dual-enrollment program at Ohio State University Newark.  As a high school junior, he is taking all college classes that will be credit for high school and college.  It is mostly funded through the state with only a fraction of out of pocket cost that would normally be incurred when starting college.  Please pray for him as he thinks about the direction he would like to head. 

 And back to the bad-exciting category… last weekend Noah was in a car accident. He missed a bridge at 50mph, jumped 30ft into a concrete embankment...and he wasn’t seriously hurt.  Scared to death and banged up, but no serious injuries. We are so, so thankful God protected him and kept him safe!

We’re honestly hoping Noah has a much duller conclusion to 2016.  I don’t think our nerves can handle too much more excitement like we’ve had :)  But we can report that God has been faithful!


Friday, September 2, 2016

Learning oppertunities

I choose to view setbacks not as problems but as a "learning opportunities".  We have many opportunists to learn in the engine room and mostly they are small.  Opportunities to learn how to install heli-coils, opportunities to learn how to properly read the manual, opportunities to learn how to put out fires... just kidding no fires yet, hopefully never.  This week we have been visiting a familiar learning opportunity the "oil leak". 
 Our particular oil leak appears to be coming off the accessory case, specifically the gasket between the accessory case and the crank case.  After getting a second opinion Jenny got the go ahead to strip the back of the engine for a second try at resealing the gasket.
 This is a before picture of the back of the engine.

Some of the parts removed.

And the accessory case off, the gasket resealed and ready to be put back together.  It took half a day to get down to the gasket and another 2 days to get everything back in order again.  Hopefully Tuesday we'll run with no leaks and be closer to wrapping this project up.  Looking forward to installing this back into the MAF Mooney and sending it on its way.

Please keep us in your prayers as we are facing Noah's surgery bills, with no money of our own we are relying totally on Gods provision.

Thanks for checking in and for keeping us in your prayers.  Josh