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Tuesday, April 5, 2016 giveaway

I have some exciting news I want to share with you but first I need to give you a little history and tell you why this news is so special.  Several years ago we goat sat for some friends who were on vacation.  These goats were milk goats and by the end of the week we had a surplus of goat milk in our fridge.  A quick internet search led Kristi to making her first batch of soap.  Much of that we gave away, so she made more and more and more...  Soon she was taking orders and being invited to sell in local stores.

Last year a friend offered to build her a web site and the fruit of that labor is now available.  Kristi's web site is called and she is offering $50 off your purchase if you win the giveaway by finding the golden ticket hidden in one of her products.

Now to the part I am most excited about.  First as Kristi's husband I have seen her toil, labor and sacrifice as she has had the role of homeschool mom for 11 years.  In a few years that part of her life will be over and the question begs, whats next?  Should she work outside of the home?  Go back to school for a new career?  Retire and poke around the house?  No, I think the best thing for her would be to have something of her own to pour herself into.  Something that she loves and that she loves doing.  That is why I have fully supported her in her soap business and that is why I think you should consider supporting her soap business as well.

But wait there's more...  Kristi has committed to giving at least 10% of her profits to Gabe and Marla Taviano.  Gabe and Marla moved their family to Cambodia last year.  They work with women and children who are at risk of being sold into the sex trade industry.

So for every purchase of organic, body loving goodness from mchorganics you help a mom realize her dream of  working for herself.  You also help a wonderful family serving in Cambodia, plus countless numbers of women and children who are at risk of being exploited.  Tell me where else you can pamper yourself and do so much good at the same time.
Kristi at one of the retail locations carrying her 
products in Coshocton.

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