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Friday, December 11, 2015

What's new?

In my last post i talked about the engines that we were wrapping up here at MMS.  In this post I'll be sharing about the new engines that are being started.
 Mexico Medical Missions requested our help when metal particles were found in the oil filter.  Every 50 hours the oil is changed in an engine, when it is changed the oil filter is cut open and the paper filter is examined.  On the last inspection there was an unusually large amount of steel caught in the filter.  MMS sent a team to North Carolina where it was being held temporarily to remove the engine and drive it back to Ohio.
I have two engines that are currently out and for non destructive testing of the major components.  When all the pieces are back we begin the dimensional inspection and assembly.  Bob Schwartz, the director of training here is in the shop familiarizing himself with engine overhual so he can better serve those who come to help.  

We have several more engines on the way and I should be busy until next summer by the sound of it.  
Thanks for checking in and thanks for your prayers, Josh

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