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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Where did November go?

November has seen a flurry of work in the engine room.

  Aaron wrapped up his IO-320 project for "The harvest is ripe" ministry, he then delivered and installed it as a part of a rapid response trip.
 I wrapped up my IO-520 for Missionary Flights International.  It is crated and waiting on a MMS trip to Florida in February to be delivered.

 Glen finished his TSIO 520 for Missionary Aviation Fellowship.  The engine was shipped to Idaho where it will be mated with its fuselage.  It will then be flown back to Mexico for service.
Tim, MMS's Production Manager helped me disassemble LAMP's O 540.  I've got most everything sent out for inspection and will be working on this project until next year.

Bob, another MMS manager is disassembling another engine right now as well.  It is another IO-320, this time it is for Arctic Barnabas.

We are plenty busy here, keep us in your prayers.  Thanks, Josh

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