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Friday, April 10, 2015

My girl

 It was a dream day for any horse nut yesterday in Columbus so I took a day off work and took my favorite horse nut to the Equine Affaire. The day was a 9am to 10pm event and we spent most of the day at classes or watching demonstrations and wrapped up the evening by watching a large horse demonstration called Fantasia.  I really wish I could tell you more about what we saw but I do not speak horse at all and would just end up embarrassing myself. But the best part for me was a full day together with Hannah doing what she loves and seeing her enjoy it. She is growing up so fast... 
 This is Hannah getting an autograph from her favorite horse trainer, (he was offered a million dollars for the horse he is riding and turned them down)
And Hannah with her ducks, she has 3.
 In the hangar I'm wrapping up the Mission Flight Services engine project.  The engine is in a crate for delivery and I just need to finish the paperwork before I deliver it to Montreal to be containerized and shipped to Zambia.
 Thanks for visiting, I hope to be setting up my Facebook page this weekend, look for it... Josh

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