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Friday, April 24, 2015

Facebook is now here!

This week started with me getting assigned a new engine and a new apprentice.  Aaron Hammit is about half way through his training at MMS.  The unique thing about Aaron and his family is that they are the first family to commit to the new flight training partnership MMS has with MAG.  In the past the expense of flight training is the biggest hurdle to getting a pilot on the field.  Those who go through schools end with tens of thousands of dollars in debt. In our new partnership the pilot training would now be handled like the maintenance training, on support and as you go.  When Aaron completes both programs he will be a highly skilled mechanic/pilot, debt free and on support ready to join the program of his choosing. 
 This week also saw the completion of Mission Flight Services engine overhaul.  On Wednesday we loaded the crated engine into the back of Kristi's mini van, (thanks Kristi) and left early Thursday morning for the Toronto area.
Just barely fit... I'm pretty sure when the Honda engineers were envisioning how people were going to use their van being loaded with a fork lift probably did not come up.  
 The delivery trip took us 17 hours with only a quick stop to unload the engine and another for a picture at Niagara Falls.
 It was a smooth trip without complications on the road or at the boarder for which we are extremely thankful.  Thanks for the prayers sent up by many.

I now have a Facebook page!, actually two.  The first is mine personally (Joshua Adelsberger) and the  second(Adelsbergers in Aviation) is more mission specific.   If you are on Facebook look me up.


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