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Friday, March 27, 2015

To finish up the Mercy Air story a couple final shots of the helicopter with its twin in South Africa. In case you cannot tell them apart N220CF was the one who was redone here at MMS.

 I have just about finished up my engine overhaul for Mission Flight Service.  The engine build up and installation on the run up stand is complete.  Next week we will do the run and start the paperwork.  I have to have the engine in Montreal by the end of April.
 Lastly, Luke went in to get his braces on this week.  It is a seemingly small thing I know but what it represents to us is God's continuing hand of provision in our lives. Luke and I would like to thank those of you who gave gifts to cover the cost of these.

One more thing, soon I will be starting a Facebook page that will accompany this blog, so look out for it.  I'll let you know when I start it.  Josh

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