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Friday, January 9, 2015

New year new engine

Last year at this time we were just getting settled in Zambia, at Mission Flight Services.  With the most of 4 months ahead of volunteering ahead of us.  Well, we are not in Zambia now but I am in the process of working in their service again.  The picture below does not look like much, just a bunch of boxes and parts but in 2 months or so it should be a freshly rebuilt engine on its way back to Mission Flight Service in Zambia. This will be the engine that will go in the main MFS work horse, a Cessna 207.  I pray that this engine will serve them and their ministry well over the next few years.

Prayer request:
 Please pray for Noah's trip this summer.  Remaining support, his relationships with his other teammates and for his developing dependence of God.

Thanks, Josh 

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