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Friday, December 12, 2014

Noah's mission trip

Noah has been working hard at sharing about his upcoming mission trip next summer.  We have plenty of time bore his trip to raise the money in a more personal fashion rather than a mass mailing.  So he (we) has been sharing with friends and family as we spend time with them.  

 This week Noah had the opportunity to do his first group presentation.  Thankfully the group was a bunch of missionary men who understood the difficulty of giving these talks and were just excited to see someone from the next generation with a heart for missions.  He was well received and many were very encouraging to him.
I am praying that these trips, Africa and Australia will be used by God to firm up Noah's foundations.  As he sees God guide and provide, his faith will become more resolute and he will begin to grow an ever larger dependency on Him. Pray with me to this end.

If you would like to hear more about Noah's trip please contact us.


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