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Friday, January 30, 2015

In Ontario, Canada!


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On behalf of Dad, I am writing this blog post because he is gone working on a project. About a week ago, MMS received an urgent call from Northern Youth Programs (, a mission that ministers to the families in northern Canada.  They achieve this by flying teams out to the more remote parts of Canada.  They called MMS on January 25 to ask for help finishing up an inspection before a flight on February 7.  That flight would bring people on an evangelical outreach near the Arctic Circle.  Dad volunteered to go and brought an apprentice, Aaron Hammitt, with him.  After a long 23 hour drive, they arrived in Dryden, Ontario, where they found an airplane needing much more work than they anticipated.                                     
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Since their arrival, work has gone well, although they are working very long hours.  They will stay until the test flight late next week. We ask for prayer that the work would continue to progress quickly, that everything works out well on the test flight, and for safety on the trip home.  Dad says he will write more when he is back.  For more pictures, visit mom's facebook page (Kristi Adelsberger).
Thanks for your prayers and support, 

P.S. Teen Missions update: Things are going well with the fundraising.  So close to meeting the financial goals!  I will continue to provide updates as things start getting closer to my departure date. 

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