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Friday, November 14, 2014

This week

It has been a good week for me here at MMS. 
 Dan Stoner and his wife took delivery of the IO-520 I just overhauled for them and set to work packing it into an already tightly packed shipping container.  Dan is starting a new aviation outreach to Togo, Africa with ABWE.  There container had all the normal household and shop supplies as well as supplies to build their house plus an engine and prop for their 20 that is waiting for them in Togo.  They will be busy, imagine moving to a new country, building a house, starting a buisness, working the buisness and repairing an airplane.  That is alot for anyone.
 Yesterday I was in downtown Columbus helping to set up for a very large mission conference.  I and a few others spent the last few days building this engine coffee table for the booth as a conversation piece and it worked.  Many new contacts were made both individuals interested in missions and other missions interested in aviation.
 Here is a shot of Phil manning our booth with the engine on the left side.
Kinda as a side job in the hanger I've been helping the Mercy Air team by painting there helicopter as pieces of it were prepared.  All the base coats have been finished and the copter needs to be partially assembled so the a the stripes can be laid out over the full aircraft.  There will be more painting today but we are getting close t the end.

I hope that you have been enjoying the post that Noah has been placing here.  It is so exciting to see him step out in faith and then be rewarded for that step as God provides for his needs.  Please continue to pray for him, he has some presentations to give to some groups and public speaking is not something we have practiced alot.  He is nervous as any of us would be.

I also want to thank you for your continued prayers for our family and your interest and support of what we do.  It would no be possible with out you.

Thanks again, Josh

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