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Friday, October 3, 2014

Fair week

The last day of the Coshocton County Fair is today.  My kids always look forward to the rides and getting to spend the day with friends and the food, I love fair food and the animal barns. We typically go on Wednesday because it is "Rough Truck" night.  Rough truck is great because the fair builds a punishing track of bumps, jumps and turns and then competitors taking turns racing everything from daily drives & barely running scrap heaps to highly customized trucks.  The race finishes with a long jump which often proves to be the most exciting part of the race.
N,H&L  on the first ride of the day
Hannah with a group of girls she ran into. 
 While the kids enjoy the rides I spend my time in the barns talking to fellow farmers.  I enjoy the beef and pig barns the most but I've had my eye on getting some pygmy goats and spent most of my time talking to people who are raising them.
 The other thing I like are the tractors,  Getting one is in the plan for the future sometime, just don't know when.
 Well that's the big news for this week,  Good day and I hope to see you at the fair next year.

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