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Friday, September 19, 2014

Hannah's big week

Between last Wednesday ant this Wednesday Hannah has had a big week.   
 Last Wednesday Hannah went in to get her braces put on.  After 2 years of waiting for her teeth to grow in the process to perfect her smile has started.  When the Orthodontist told us she would need braces, we were not surprised.  We knew that they were coming but had no money to pay for them.  We began praying about the need and putting money that came in as gifts away to cover this upcoming cost.  Not knowing how much it would cost we just saved and saved.  When it was time to pay the bill God had provided enough for Hannah's braces and most of Luke's.  Yes, they said he will need braces too one day.
 Hannah still loves riding horses and one of the families here has horses and does lessons for free to MMS kids.  It is the high lite of the week for Hannah,  She loves her horses and any time spent with them.  She is riding a horse named "Spirit", he has tossed her more than once.  Hannah just wipes away the tears and gets back on.
Lastly our little girl turned 13 this week, oh how the time flies.  I look back at old pictures and can hardly believe those days are gone, though I am looking forward to what is yet to come.

I thank God as I am sure many of you do for the special blessing of having a daughter.  It is fun to watch your kids grow up but scary as you realize this special time as a family is quickly running out.


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