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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Project Appleseed

We were having a problem with a pesky rabbit nibbling on our young tree's, Luke caught him in a trap, killed, cleaned and proudly announced he had supper!  I thought the rabbit pot pie was very good.  Luke helped with every part of making supper.  I foresee more rabbit in our future.
 This last weekend Luke and some friends participated in a civilian marksman course called Project Appleseed.   The weekend combines fundamental basics with lots of practice and history.

  During our breaks the instructors told the story about the events leading up to the Revolutionary war.  The secret plan to steal the colonies black powder, Paul Revere's ride and the first shot fired at Lexington.  
During the war the U.S. soldiers were divided into 2 categories, those that stood in long lines facing the greatest army up to that time and those of Morgans marksmen who did not have to stand in those lines toe to toe.  The test was being able to hit a bucket at 250 yards with 1 shot.  I do not know if you can tell but the smallest red square on that sheet represents the bucket.  It is less that 1" square, the shot is taken at 25 meters or 82 ft. Most struggle to see the square but Luke hit it anyways.  He was actually 1 shot away from not missing any target on that sheet. 

Thanks for checking in, thanks for your prayers and thanks for your support.  Josh

Check out Project Appleseed here

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