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Friday, August 29, 2014

Summer days

One of my favorite things about late summer are the beautiful evenings.  Kristi and I love to take walks after supper.  The sky has softened, the air is cool and we'll walk down to the bridge to see if the Great Blue Heron is fishing in the creek.  We'll walk home past the pear tree's, thru the garden picking up fresh strawberries as we head for the raspberry patch.  We have red, black and golden raspberries, we'll pick all we can eat and then another bowlful.  We'll walk over and check on our chickens and cows and head inside.  If we're in luck and there was some creme in the fridge, the ice creme will be just about done.  There is nothing like fresh berries on top of homemade ice creme.
I don say this to brag, but honestly our walks are prayers of thanksgiving to our Lord who supplied it all.  He has been good to us beyond measure, and so I say thanks to Him as he provides and I want to say  thanks to you who are his hands and feet and give and pray so that we are able to serve.  Thank you.

May your days be peaceful and rewarding as you seek first His kingdom in your life.


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