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Friday, August 22, 2014

This week and last

Starting off with my main job here at MMS, I have begun another engine overhaul.  This engine is for American Baptist for World Evangelism  (ABWE) and will be heading to Togo, Africa in November. 

But following are some of my side jobs I've been doing here as well:
 Gospel Carrier International's King Air 200 had a fuel tank leaking.  I flew down to D.C. and spent the whole day changing out one of the inboard fuel cells.  Williams was very glad to have his aircraft back in service because at this time of the year he does many evangelical outreaches on college campuses to newly arrived Chinese students.  They feel the best time to catch the students is early on before they are caught up in the college life.  He says it is a very successful outreach.
 I have been advising and helping on two different painting projects.  MAF's 206 and the Mercy Air helicopter.  This is the same helicopter that was pictured in my last update with Luke standing out front.  The copter is being dismantled, inspected, repaired, old and unneeded equipment removed and getting a new paint job as well.  I'll be helping with the painting when the time comes.  Mercy Air serves in South Africa.
After hours at MMS I've been working a job on the side.  A local pilot practicing his landings at dusk hit a deer on one of his attempts.  While hitting a deer is very unfortunate where he hit the deer was as ideal as you could want it. I just had to straighten and reinforce 1 rib and remake a skin.  I am hoping to have it finished up on Saturday and ready to pick up on Monday.

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