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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Painting the MAF 206

I took the opportunity to get out of the engine shop today to do some painting.  It has taken 13 months to get the fuselage this far and Chuck and his team have done a great job!  
 Chuck doing some last minute touch ups.
 Jake is mixing the primer
 The primer is actually the second coat to go on, before the primer there is an etching process to prepare the metal to receive paint.
 Jake is painting inside the engine compartment.
 Chuck painting the engine compartment
The finished product.

I was painting during this whole time but it is difficult to paint and take a picture of myself at the same time.  Jake and I painted opposite of each other so that over spray would be kept to a minimum.  The plane is a 206 that is owned my Missionary Aviation Fellowship and it will be returned to service in Suriname.  The 206 will get large red and blue stripes sometime in the future.  

Jake has almost completed his training and will  be transitioning to Mission Flights International in Florida this summer.  We also had another family, the Fisher family pack and leave for MFI today.  A third family, the Linkletter's shipped their container for Uganda yesterday also.  Lots of people leaving. 

I will fill you in on the engines I have been working on next week, one of them should be ready to go on the run up stand by then.  Have a good 4th and thank you for all your prayers.


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