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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The good Father

As a father I enjoy giving my children gifts, especially when they are not expecting it or if I know they really want it.  I love the look in their eyes, the smiles, the hugs and the thanks.  Sometimes the kids will invest their money or time in something and have it fail or blow up in their faces, in those times I like to come along side, encourage them, redeem the loss and encourage them to try again.

It has been one of those weeks for me... not as the father but as the son and with God as my father.

On Monday the paperwork and licensing was finished on a new to us van, that was donated by a long time friend.  Replacing my vehicle had been on my mind for a while but has always seemed outside the realm of possible.  I did not even really take time to pray about it, I just hoped that one day something would come available and it did.  Thanks DAD, for the new car and for taking care of me.

My second gift this week came after a total farming failure on my part.  Last Friday I receive my 36 laying chicks.  I nestled them into their barn, fed and watered them shut the door and went to bed.  Over the last 4 years we have raised hundreds of chicks in this barn without incident, but not this year.  I woke Saturday morning a little concerned about the chilliness of the morning.  Walking out to check on them I saw the barn door open... and all the chicks gone.  The doors, windows, walls and latches were all covered with little coon prints.  I then and there gave up raising chickens and farming all together.  I wallowed in my disappointment for a few days until God cam along side of me, put his arm around me, redeemed my lost and encouraged me to try again.  A friend who had heard of my loss gave me a financial gift with the sole purpose being to replace my chicks.  Again, I say thanks DAD for picking me up and encouraging me to try again.

I feel humbled when I realize that God is even concerned about the little things in my life.


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