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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Chicken yard

Luke and I have been busy building a new fence around the chicken yard. Luke has been helping me dig the holes and staple the fence, he is quite the helper.  I come home from work and most days he is either sitting on the porch standing in the yard waiting for me. He is also working on trying to take care of our coon/mink/ground hog problem.  He has live traps set and earns a dollar or two for each one he catches.

Previously we have used movable netting and you can still see it in use in the back ground.  You can also see the chickens wandering around outside the nets as well.  
 We are raising our meat birds in this area right now with plans to raise another batch of "Freedom Ranger" chickens this summer and we have some broad breasted white turkeys on order that should be ready for Thanksgiving.  We raise our animals in the best possible conditions, clean water, green grass fresh air and natural shade.  We feed them only certified GMO free feed and scratch by Hiland Naturals with the goal of putting the highest quality meat on our table and yours. Let us know if you are interested.
At work I have put my engine on the run up stand  and have begun getting it ready for running.  The engine should be finished by the end of next week or so.

Thanks for remembering us in your prayers,  Josh

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