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Friday, July 25, 2014


Luke and I finished the chicken yard, after building the main 4ft tall fence we lined the fence with chicken wire.  It took days to wire the chicken wire to the main fence but it is necessary to keep the birds in when young.  I still want to run a strand or two of electric around it to keep the coons from climbing over.  We have also turned our laying hens in with the meat birds, for their safety.  Kristi and I enjoy spending time sitting under our apple tree and watching the birds range and run around. 
 Since returning home from Africa I have been working with Dale and Joel to build two engines for South American Missions, or SAM.  SAM was recently donated a twin engine plane called an Angel.  Before importing the Angel into Peru it had to be brought up to specs.  My part in that was an engine overhaul.  The build went perfect and so did the break in run.
 We have since removed the engine from the test stand and have delivered it to the air frame.  The second engine is being installed on the test stand right now and should be delivered next week.
I still have 3 more engines to overhaul before this run of engines end.

Thank you for your many prayers and gifts, we would not be here without your help.  Josh

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