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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Emergency Engine Change

Earlier last month a mission plane on a training flight began acting suspiciously.  The engine would surge without any input from the pilot.  Upon landing and dong some ground runs and inspection of various screens in the oils system alot of metal was found.  The plane was grounded, left and MMS was called. 
 A replacement engine was ordered  and Chuck and I assigned with the task of changing the good engine with the bad.  Last Monday the replacement propeller arrived  at MMS, Chuck and I loaded our tools, parts and personal stuff in his truck and started the 7 hour drive to the stranded plane.
 It took us 3 full days of work to remove the old engine and prop, install, rig and test the replacement engine and prop.
 We worked steadily and thankfully without interruption, delays or problems.  The only small issue we had was 2 forgotten gaskets and again thankfully the local mechanic had those with him and actually gave them to us.

Chuck is a rated pilot and inspector, after all the work was done he was able to sign off the aircraft and preform the return to service flight.  

We praise God for many safely traveled miles, no problems and another aircraft returned to servicing the world wide mission community.


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