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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Catching up in the hangar

 It is always a special day when an senor apprentice completes his 30 months of training.  Geoff and his family on the right finished his time yesterday, he will be serving with MAF in Africa.  Jake on the left is receiving "the wrench", a token of his position as the senior apprentice at MMS.  Jake and his family wil be serving with Missionary Flights International  out of Florida when his time is completed.
 We have alot of planes in the hangar right now and only 1 is not a mission plane.  Some of the highlights in the above picture: in the right top position a diesel 182 destined for Niger, Africa: Lower right a 206 destined for Honduras and the two on the left are used by Pilots for Christ.
 In Hangar "B" we have a 206 headed for Suriname and on the right an Angle headed to Peru.
 The 172 on the left is owned by a MMS staff member and used by all to keep their pilots license current and the 185 on the right is headed for Brazil.
In the back hangar there are 3 172's on the right.  The far right is used in Christian aviation camps and the middle by Gospel Carrier International and other is used by Missionary Air Group as flight Trainer.  On the right is a 206 that is owned by New Tribes and is headed for Brazil.

There are 12 planes, that will be serving on 3 different continents and 12 different countries around the world.

MMS has a global impact in the mission community.

Thanks for your prayers and support that allow us to participate in what Christ is doing here.  Josh

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