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Friday, May 16, 2014

Back at work

I need to start off by apologizing for the break in communication.  Getting home, getting everything up and running and getting back to work has been a whirlwind of a few weeks.

To start off our return flight went off without a hitch, we arrived in Cleveland with all our luggage, 10+ bags and one of those was over-sized.  Nothing was bent, broken or missing.

The following day we were picked up and brought home.  On our arrival we found to our great surprise and relief that our fellowship had gone to our house ahead of us and got it ready for our return.  The cleaning was done, beds made, fridge stocked, meals made, grass mowed, van prepped, decorations and signs were up and flowers on the table.  What a relief to come home to our house ready for us, I was dreading all the work I would have to do.  The house and farm survived the winter well, our only casualties was a few fruit and flowering trees.

I stayed busy the next 2 weeks getting the garden in, some trees cut down and a section of fence built along with lots of other stuff.

I started back to work this week and I am back in the engine shop overhauling engines.  It looks like I have 5 to do right now, but more on this later.

I want to wrap up by saying thank you to those who made it possible for our family to go, to those of you you who prayed and continue to pray and to everyone who sent a note, an encouraging word or helped in some way.  We could not have been able to serve without the involvement of all of you.

We have pictures and stories, if you would like to hear about our adventure first and please contact me and we will set something up.


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