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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Volunteering at the hospital

Thank you for the continued prayers on our behalf.  We had another near miss today walking home for lunch.  When ever you walk here you always keep a sharp eye to the ground.  Between the ants, scorpions and snakes there are too many dangers not to watch where you are going.  We were walking along a regularly used path that leads to the flight service office, Hannah was in the lead with the keys to unlock the gates.  She said she was scanning the ground ahead of her, noticed the pile of leaves next to the path and continued on.  When she stepped next to the pile of leaves, the leaves uncoiled and headed off in the opposite direction!  It was a cobra around 2 and a half feet long, it was not aggressive, it was not even moving quickly, just slowly headed off towards the underbrush.  I imagine that we have near misses alot, propbably more often than we realize, it is just the 1 in 10 we see that scares us.

 Kristi and the kids were on there way back from lending a helping hand at the hospital.  They were using stencils to paint the hospitals name and ward on bedding.
 Over the last two days they have stenciled  over 50 sets of bedding and lots to go.
 They plan on continuing the work over the next few days.
They have to stencil the sheets so that they are recoverable if they are stolen.

Again, thanks for your continued prayers, we need them!  Josh

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