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Friday, April 11, 2014

Another busy week

It is the start of the dry season here and we have never seen so much rain.  We are on our 9th day in a row of rain and have gotten over 8" of rain in that time.  The hydro-electric plant flooded and we are now running on back up generators.  We are told that the hydro should be back online in the next day or two.  The locals are saying that the crops are ruined and that their will be a starving time ahead.  That is something that can be prayed about.
 If you have been following our animal adventures this is our newest installment.  I found this monitor lizard on the road home this week.  They live in holes in the yard and eat mice, rats and snakes, so we leave them alone.  They are good lizards.
 Last Sat. the hospital had a clean up morning, 30 or so volunteers showed up to help clean walls, beds and tables.  Our kids spent the morning helping in the children's ward.
 One of the projects Kristi and the kids are working on for the hospital is labeling the sheets, towels and cloths.  They were originally using stencils but it was going very slow, so we decided to try making some stamps.  Noah has spent many hours carving stamps out of wood blocks. Some of the blocks are KMH (Kalene Mission Hospital), XR (x-ray), MW (mens ward), FW, OPD, CON, ADM, FW and I don't know what else.  They will be using the stamps for the first time on Monday, I should be able to show them in action in the next post.
When there is a break in the flight schedule the airplanes need tended to.  Maintenance, cleaning and prepping for the next flight.  John has a full schedule of flying over the next three weeks, including our flight to Livingstone and Lusaka.  So we looked after a few squawks and set about cleaning up the airplane for the busy season ahead.

Thanks for checking in and praying, Josh

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