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Sunday, March 30, 2014

More misc. pictures

Our days here are growing short and as I look around I can only see all the things I will not have time to get to.  MFS could use an IT guy, an accountant, more maintenance people, a pilot, the list could go on.  Whether or not these people are need full time or not is up to MFS but I know that they would appreciate any short term help they could get.  So maybe instead of a trip to the beach this year....
 I know that it is a little difficult to know what you are looking at in this picture.  It is a column of ants, not the little ants we have at home these get up to 3/4" long and have jaws to match!  These ants emerge from their colony in search of something to eat.  On a recent walk we stopped and watched a column that must have been return from a termite mount.  Every ant was carrying a termite or larva, some as big as themselves.  If you have the displease of disturbing the column the ants scatter and begin attacking anything they can get their pincers on.  At night you need to be very careful walking around because they are out then as well.  One night I was walking with my flashlight off, staring at the stars enjoying a warm African night, until.  Until I stepped into a column of ants.  They were on my legs and feet before you knew it and there jaws are strong enough that once they get ahold you cannot just brush them off.  So running, swatting, brushing and hopping I dashed back to my flat and the privacy necessary to remove all the ants!
 This group of children enjoy watching Noah and the kids at work on the runway.  Whether mowing or edging, painting or walking these children show up.  I do not see what is so entertaining but the come anyway.
 We have a family movie night twice a week, pop up some popcorn, plug in a movie and settle in for he evening.  With the families here at the mission being from every corner of the globe we need a universal dvd player to play the borrowed dvd's.  Did you know that without a universal dvd player a person in the US cannot play a DVD he bought in Europe or Africa?   Their are 4 or 5 such zones.
Hannah and Luke were helping out in the hangar this week.  Sweeping seems like a never ending chore.  The soil is very sandy here and with all the rain it sticks to your shoes and wheels.  They have also been working on the runway on days it is not raining.  Along the edges of the runway are concrete boundary markers about 2x6 feet in size.  The kids have been edging around them and getting them ready for painting.  We'll get a before and after picture from the air when they are finished.

Thanks again for the prayer and words of encouragement.  Josh

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