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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Our last week at Kalene

We started out our last week here at Kalene mission with a hike up the hill.  Alot of rain had fallen between our first trip up and now and the grass has grown in proportion to the rain.  The picture below is of Luke following just a few feet behind me on the trail to the top.  It was not this bad the whole way but it was this bad a good bit of it.  The grass is swallow you up thick and able to block out the sun at near 10ft high.  
 Kristi, Hannah and Luke continue to volunteer at the hospital.  Those stamps Noah was working on two blogs ago are now in production.  Kristi reports a better than 150% improvement in productivity.
 This is the same stamp Noah was holding previously.
 Everyone is busy at the hospital.  Today Kristi and the kids stamped blankets, towels and  90 pillowcases,  after they were done they were told there were no pillows for the pillowcases.  So I guess that whenever the pillows arrive they will be ready.  The staff so liked the stamps that there was talk of stamping shirts to sell.
 Yesterday ended with a bit of a surprise bonus to a flight.  A visiting orthopedic surgeon had hired the plane for a few days to fly him to a few outlying hospitals where he helps and advises on difficult cases.  About the time were getting ready to leave a very sick little baby need a ride down to the nearest city with specialized care.  We loaded up mommy, baby, a doctor, hospital equipment, luggage, passengers and pilot and off the flew to an awaiting ambulance more than an hour away by air.
God's timing is always perfect as we thought we had another day before the plane was needed.  We had been doing some heavy maintenance the last few days and had just finished the ground run to return it to service, early we thought.  No, that afternoon it was needed, God provided.

We hope to finish this week with work and a trip to the source of the mighty Zambezi River and a local game farm.  Next Monday we fly out for Livingstone to see Victoria falls and go on an overnight safari in Botswana.  We then will fly to Lusaka on Wednesday and leave for the US on Thursday night arriving in Ohio Friday evening.

Thanks for your prayers and thoughts, Josh

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