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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This week...

We had a rare beautiful morning here this week in Kalene.  Most days have heavy clouds which is the norm in the rainy season but once in a while you are surprised with sunshine in the morning.  On those days everything moves outside, including school.  For history class the kids enjoy listening to a series of books on the local history written by the missionaries who lived it.  The stories are amazing to say the least.  People sailing for a month from England to Africa then walking for 3 months overland to reach the Kalene area.  Stories of man eating lions, 12 ft long black mambas, rivers filled with hungry crocodiles, slave traders, warring tribes and witch doctors.  But the faithful kept coming in spite of the hardships and deaths.  
 This week biology seemed to be on the menu, the kids found two chameleons, we kept them for a few days and watched them up close.  We then took them into the yard and released them onto our ant hill.  We watched them change colors to better match their surroundings in order to hide from their pray.  When the first chameleon was caught our house helper, an African lady, was terrified and could not believe that we would touch it.  She said that if it bit us that "we" would change colors.  Most of the locals kill the chameleons on sight, for some reason they think they are bad and poisonous.  They think the same thing about the frogs and lizards as well.

 Today was the first of many busy flying days for MFS.  The boarding schools have let out and the flight service will be flying from sun up to sun down.  Here is what the 5:30am pre-flight briefing looked like. John was hoping o be wheels up by 6 but rain gave us a slight delay.  I think that John will be flying around 25-30 hours over the next few days.  We are praying for good weather and clear skies but it is the rainy season.
Thank you for your prays, they are working!  Kristi almost stepped on a puff adder on Sunday.  The puff adder alone is responsible for 32,000 deaths a year in Africa!  Noah went out and killed the snake later on. You can read the full story on Kristi's facebook page.  Please keep praying!


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