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Friday, March 14, 2014

Random photos

I normally try to get the update done on Tuesdays but this week I was a bit preoccupied.  Tuesday was our 19th anniversary.  It was certainly one of the more memorable ones we have had.  Our plans were to take the day together, sitting pool side, talking about the past and making plans for the future.  But, it rained and rained.  We spent the day inside together, talking about the past and making plans for the future.  God has certainly done a work in our lives, we can see that.  
 While cleaning out a shipping container I found a good sized length of rope that was plenty thick.  It took some doing to get it tied up in the tree but once done it has provided hours of entertainment for all.
 Noah still spends most of his work time on the mower but on rainy days or when we run out of fuel we have to find other work for him.  I recently installed a new GPS in the 207, after testing and calibration it needed to be programmed.  Noah is inputting the coordinates of all the places MFS flies on a regular basis.  Three pages worth.  He has ran the battery dead once, so before he gets back to it we need to work out a ground power supply.
While mowing yesterday he killed a 3-4 foot snake.  It had fangs but was not a mamba or a puff adder so it must have been some sort of cobra.  We continually pray for his safety while mowing because of all the snakes in the tall grass.  He wears safety glasses all the time to protect his eyes from the spitting cobras.  He has not been spit at yet but 3 people have been since we have been here.
 We were able to combine a maintenance trip and a shopping trip this week.  A neighboring friend to MFS called for a little maintenance support.  Luckily he lives pretty close to a small town where some supplies could be bought.  While I stayed behind to fix the plane John, Karen and Kristi went shopping.  It had been raining recently and the roads looked like a plowed field, almost impassable. While it rains the roads turn into rivers sometimes a foot or more deep and the hills turn into waterfalls.  The waterfalls would be quite beautiful if it was not for the fact you have to try to drive up them.  We were told that sometimes the locals purposely make the roads worse in front of there houses  so you get stuck.  Then they come out and for a price, offer to help get you unstuck.

Like the rope swing I am always looking for things to keep the kids entertained.  The last two bow and arrow sets showed up this week.  The kids have spent a good deal of time practicing in the yard this week.  It would be very dangerous for any wild milk jugs to wander into our yard.  The bows are real, not toys or fakes.  They are the same ones the night guard walks around with or the men wander into Angola to hunt monkey with.

We will be back in the states 6 weeks from today.  Please keep praying for us, our health and our safety.

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