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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Last Saturday...

Last Saturday was voted by all, "best day in Zambia", so far.  We woke up and the day was unusually sunny, meaning you could actually see the sky.  It was a warm day as well and a perfect day for a picnic.  We had to traverse the local roads over to the Zambezi River.  We were hoping to swim at the hydro-electric plant near the rapids but when we got there we found that many people had the same idea.  Not that we didn't want to share the rapids but we were told it was bath and laundry day.  Anybody want to swim in someone else's bath or laundry water?  Not me. 
 We moved down the river several miles to a more remote and there by less crowded area of the river.  The area was one big lava field.  I don't know how big, but it was big.
 Our kids and the Loudons swam and played in the river.  The current was very strong and only the bigger kids could swim out in the faster section of the river.
 We walked up the river a ways to an area of rapids, but more importantly the water was fast and shallow making a perfect water slide.  The bigger kids would go down first and catch the littler ones when it was their turn.  The pool after the rapids was over Noah's head a good 7 or 8 feet deep.  After the younger kids exited the slide they would swim like mad over to the bigger ones trying to make sure they were caught.
 Kristi enjoying the Zambezi.
After playing on the water slide all the kids wandered up the river a ways and waded back down to the rapids and us again.

Link to google maps showing the area we were playing at.  If you look around you can see the lava fields and the hydro plant.

We soon packed up the car and headed back to the mision.  We fired up the grill, roasted some hot dogs and wound down the day getting to know the Loudons better.

Thanks for checking in and please keep praying for us.  Josh


  1. looks like your having a great time. but you are missing out on the great ohio weather. it's 5 degrees this morning with 3 inches of snow still on the ground. Missing you all.

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  3. Looks like fun!!!!-Courtney

  4. Praying for you all.Stay safe! - Jackson

  5. Can't believe how green it all looks compared to when I was there