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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Antenna repairs

 I set about this week to cross another item  off the master to do list.  Behind a storage building 3 or 4 mangled pieces of an antenna tower were stacked.  The tower had collapsed in Lusaka at the guest house.  It was disassemble and brought to Kalene.  The piece I started with was the one undamaged piece in the bunch.  After inspecting the welds it was easy to see why the tower had failed.  Most of the braces were just tacked into place.
  I started the repair by cleaning, inspecting and repairing each joint on the tower.  I should be finished with this piece of tower today and I will have the kids paint the tower with some black rustolium.  I am also using the opportunity to teach Nathan how to stick weld.
 One of Kristi favorite things to do is to take a walk in the orchard in the evening.  Today we picked some guava, an orange, a lemon, a pomelo and some kumquats.  With a fresh picked pineapple we bought, they will make a nice fruit salad.
 This is just a shot of our anti-malarial meds.  The two bottles sit on a cabinet by the table.  The meds are taken daily with lunch by each of us.  The reason the picture is here is because represents how much time we have left.  We are officially just over the half way point.
Without any ambient light from cities, on a moonless night with cloud cover, the night is very, very dark!  We are walking to mid week prayer service.  The darkness hides roots, snakes and hunting ants.

Thanks for checking in and for praying.  Josh


  1. praying!-Courtney

  2. I'm glad to see that your antennas are doing better. I have been dealing with the same issues. We finally had someone come out to repair ours about a week ago and they have worked perfect ever since.

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