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Friday, February 14, 2014

Taxiway repair

Many thanks to Bruce, who figured out the problem I was having with Blogger.  

I have spent most of this week making repairs to the taxi way.  The vast majority of the problem is from erosion.  The rains that they get here are amazing, dumping rain like we have never seen.  The roads turn to rivers and any low spot into a pond.
 We started by digging ditches to channel the water that was crossing the taxiway off to the side.  Then we started to fill the eroded areas first with fill dirt.  The dirt was dug in in one area, loaded onto a trailer pulled by "Big Red" out to the taxiway.  Offloaded by hand and repeated, and repeated and repeated.  Three of us have put in three full days, mostly just moving dirt.
 Then the top soil was brought in by the same method and then hand leveled and packed with the Bobcat.
 Today we spread grass seed and have been raking dried grass off of the runway and hauling it up to the taxiway. Hoping that the cut grass will give the young sprouts some cover from the intense african sun.
I did manage to spend part of one day working on an airplane.  I had previously installed a new gps and antenna in the 207 and Wednesday was the day to do the programming.  I scheduled an appointment with a friend back at MMS who regularly installs and programs gps's.  Over skype he walked us thru, step by step until we were done.  It took an hour with help, I don't think I could have done it by myself, thanks Mike!

Thanks for checking in, Josh

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