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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sakaji School

We have almost reached the half way point on our stay here in Zambia. I am really pleases with what we have gotten done so far.  The kids are all active in the work here and will be able to remember the contributions they have made.  In the hangar we are preparing for the next round of inspections on the two airplanes.

John is flying to Lusaka today for mission business and we are re-leaved.  The closest grocery store in 200+ miles away and while there is some food available locally we really needed a trip to town.  Staples like butter, cheese and ground beef are not available locally.  The list we put together is quite large because it has to last us for the next two months.  Imagine trying to do all your shopping at once for two months and anything you forget you will most likely have to do without.
 Noah gets more sun than all of us because he spends several hours a day on the mower.  While on the mower he has seen and killed several snakes including the very deadly puff adder and a cobra that had hooded up and was striking at the mower as he passed.  Just this week a boy on the compound was spit at by a cobra, it hit him in one eye and the cheek.  He never saw the snake but went right home and got medical attention, he was fine by the next day.  I know it sounds weird but thank God they snake spit as a warning before it bit or it could have been alot worse.  Because of spitting cobras Noah wears sunglasses all the time while he is mowing.
 We visited CMML's boarding school at Sakaji about a 40 minute drive from the hangar.   It was raining on the drive over, the roads were a river, muddy and treacherous.  We had to cross moving water more than a foot deep and 30 to 40 feet long.  There was a long steep uphill section that was like trying to drive up a stair case made out of mud with a waterfall flowing down it.  The jostling and bumping and bouncing just about beat you to death.  We all had muscle aches the next day.
As we neared the school the rain stopped and the clouds lightened up a bit and it was nice the rest of the day.  We had a very nice tour and met some of the 80 students 1st-8th grade and teachers.  The school is very beautiful, lots of flowers nicely cut grass and brick buildings.  A snack was served in the new dining hall and kitchen.

The trip home was not as bad, no rain but the roads were still slippery.  Most of the standing water was gone and it is easier to drive down a staircase than up.  We arrived home just as it was getting dark, popped some popcorn and settled in to watch a movie.


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  1. very scarry about those snakes! Be safe Noah! popcorn??!! sounds like home!-Courtney