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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kalene Hill

Over 100 years ago Dr, Walter Fisher left his home and family in the UK and sailed for Africa.  Not the tame Africa that exist today but a wild Africa.  100 years ago elephants, lions, hyenas, leopards, crocodiles populated the forest around Kalene hill but not today.  Dr Fisher built a hospital on the top of the largest hill around and began to minister to the Lunda people, not just physically but spiritually too.  The work still continues 100 years later. Because Dr. Fisher and many others who were faithful to their call, there are churches, schools, a hospital, a book store, homes, a hydro-electric plant and a airport. All because some had the courage to say "Here am I, send me".

This weekend 5 of us hiked up to the top of Kalene Hill. The hill is steep and tall and when muddy quite difficult to climb.
When we arrived at the top, it was severely overgrown.  The hill has not been used since the 1950's when the new hospital was built at the base of the hill closer to the water supply.  All that is left are ruins and nice views.
This is the view from the top of the hill looking down onto the runway
We hiked and explored for almost two hours.  The kids had a great time, getting off the mission base is always an adventure.

On Sunday, Noah, Hannah and Luke were invited out to the hydro-electric for some swimming.  The plant was built near some rapids in the Zambezi, like a natural water park. So all were out playing and slashing when one of the adults saw a floating log disappear under the water. The alarm was sounded and all kids accounted for.  The "log" which was thought to have been a crocodile was in deed just a log, but I think that log ended swim time just the same.

Thanks for checking in and please keep us in your prayers, Josh, Kristi and kids

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