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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kids at work

The weather here has an impact on our ability to connect to the internet.  Our internet comes over a satellite and if there is cloud cover the internet is slow and if it is raining there is no internet.  A friend recently emailed and said "well, no news is good news." Actually, no news means, no internet.  It is the rainy season here which means it rains almost every day and at times it rains all day and sometimes two.
 The kids have been wonderful help in the hangar.  They have been helping for 2 hours a day.  Luke is helping me by organizing and cleaning up .
 Noah is busy updating the price sheets for the parts we have in storage.
And Hannah has started an inventory of the parts room,  It is a tall task with over different 1000 parts to be counted.  She does get help from Luke and Noah as well.

Kristi should be starting in the office on Monday, entering receipts into the computer and helping to update accounts, generate bills and get MFS caught up with the paperwork.

I'll try to get some pictures of the house and grounds posted next time,  we have our very own banana tree with little tiny bananas on it.


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