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Thursday, January 16, 2014

A little about our home

We are staying in a very comfortable 3 bedroom brick home along side the taxi way.  The homes are built with brick fired on location.  All houses are built near a termite mound, because the termites dig deep and bring the clay to the surface.  The termite mounds are mixed with sand and water.  The clay is pressed in a mold and turned out onto the ground to dry in the sun.  When the bricks are dry they are stacked in such a wayso that the middle of the mound is hollow.  The hollow is filled with firewood and burned.  when the fire goes out you have a big pile of bricks.  I'll try too look in some of my old pictures for the building of our house. 
 Planted around the grounds are trees and flowers.  We didn't see this one right away because it was behind a termite mound, we have three in our yard.  It is a banana tree, with little bananas growing on it.  We hope to be able to harvest some before we leave.  That would be a first for me, picking and eating a fresh banana.
 We also have a garden with tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, onions and the like.  I think the beds are raised to help them drain rain water better, we get alot of rain.
This is our home, it has three bedrooms and a nice big living room.  The big window on the left is our bedroom and the one on the right is the living room.  This side faces almost south so we get to rise with the sun, sitting with our tea and coffee watching a new day dawn.

Thanks, Josh

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