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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kelene, NWP

We left Lusaka Saturday morning with a 3.5 to 4 hour flight ahead of us.  We are flying in MFS's Cessna T207.  It is a single engine high wing airplane that can seat up to 6 comfortably with a little room for baggage.   
 I was a little worried about somebody getting air-sick but my fears were unfounded.  The kids handled the ride beautifully, nobody had to use the bathroom, nobody asked are we almost there yet. Noah was a little put out because I had told him he could sit in the front with the pilot and that he might get to fly a little, but Kristi said her stomach was feeling questionable so we gave her the best seat in the house.
 Kristi and John spent a good bit of the trip trying to figure out John's new tablet he bought to assist him while flying and make the flight safer.  It has gps with a moving map and radar with weather information, fuel calculators and other pilot information kind of stuff.
 We made it to Kelene just after lunch on Saturday.  We moved our bags to the house and called it a day.
On Monday, it didn't take too long for me to find some work for the kids to do.  This hill is a termite mound that the mower cannot cut.  It is in our yard so I put the kids to work clearing it, with "slashers".  They are like a long machete with the end bent and sharpened so you can cut the grass level.  They were not out there a half hour before the objections started, "dad, I'm sweating, its hot", "Hot you say? What were you expecting, its Africa?"  After a little more work it was off to the pool, so don't feel to bad for them.


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