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Monday, January 6, 2014


We left Cleveland on a snowy January day.  A large front was moving our way, airports in the wake of the storm we all getting buried.  We watched flight after flight change from scheduled to delayed to canceled.  We hoped and prayed that we would depart before the front hit.  Thankfully we were flying south, and were able to leave with only a slight de-icing delay.
 From Cleveland to Atlanta and Atlanta to Amsterdam .  When we got off the plane in Amsterdam the sun was just starting to rise but it was closer to midnight back home.  We had been traveling for over 13 hours now and had just hit the half way mark.  The kids bought some postcards during our short layover.
 We boarded our flight in Amsterdam and flew to Zimbabwe and the on to Lusaka.  By the time we arrived at the guest house we had been traveling for more than 27 hours! Our journey had started on Jan. 1 and we arrived in Lusaka on the 3rd.  But we still had a ways to go.  After a good and well deserved nights sleep we woke up to a beautiful Zambia morning.  We had breakfast and headed into the city for some shopping and to submit some paperwork for work approval.    
 After arriving back at the guest house the kids played outside and found a mango tree to climb.  Notice the mango's hanging in the tree by Luke's head.  We found a mango that was ripe, we picked it from the tree and sat down and enjoyed it together.  God has certainly been watching over us during this time.  No flights canceled, no problems in security and no lost bags!
We got up Saturday morning, gathered our stuff and headed to the airport again.  We climbed aboard Mission Flight Services 207 and flew to Kelene where our new/temporary home is.  But more on that later.

The night before the flight to Kelene Kristi came down with a fever,  she has been battling that and a bad cough since.  Please pray for hers and ours health.  With all the traveling, weird hours and strange foods and off schedules everyone's bodies are a little taxed.

Thanks for checking in and thanks for praying, Josh

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