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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Hard at work...

We have just started our 3rd full week in the country and I am very please how the work has been progressing.  We have completed an inspection on each airplane and have worked off the discrepancies that were found.  Both planes are now physically and legally permitted to fly.  We have a few ongoing projects with the 182 but nothing that will keep it out of the air. 
The 207 is the main work horse here at Mission Flight Service and because of that has more inspections and needs servicing more often.  In the picture above we are increasing the air pressure in the nose gear strut.
Kristi has fully recovered from the flu and yesterday started helping out in the office.  She is in-putting billings into the MFS computer for the guest house in Lusaka, the local internet, electricity, the local guest house and many others.  John has been working right beside her and making sure she has a good handle on things before she is off on her own.
The kids spend time every day working on there schooling.  Most of the time it is in the morning but not always.  Yesterday the were invited to go tubing at the mission school with the students.  They were gone about an hour and had a great time. As they were leaving I encouraged them to keep a good eye out for the hippos, crocodiles and rock pythons.  They were not amused....
Not all the work I have been doing is on airplanes and I am sure it is the same world over where missionaries gather together.  Here you must be a jack of as many trades as possible and be willing to try to learn any others you can.  I have been making frequent trips up the WI-FI tower, trying to get better reception and by that better internet to all ends of the community.  I have fabricated a mounting bracket that allows better adjustment options and a more secure attachment to the tower.  I am also beginning to think that we are going to need to trim some trees or raise the receiver nodes up above the trees, alot of leaf interference.  I have very little interest in thing computer and even less knowledge, but I am willing to learn and learning I am.

Thanks for your many prayers, Josh

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  1. Great job, you guys. You're doing fantastic at involving us in your African experience. I look forward to every post. I knew we'd make blogger out of you someday, Josh!