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Friday, October 25, 2013


It has been an amazing watching this whole trip come together, amazing!  But I'll need to go back before I can go forward...

Our youth have been studying Blackaby's book "Experiencing God".  The book sets forward principles you can use to see God moving in your life and His invitation to join in His work.  A month or more ago Bruce and Marilyn (CMML Mission Flight Service, Zambia) visited our church and shared their ministry.  The following Friday at the book study, all the youth commented on the fact God was moving at CMML and they felt an invitation to help, just like the book said.  Fast forward a few weeks and Noah is praying with his prayer partner before the book study and he prayed specifically that God would use him (Noah) in His work in Africa.  Three days later we received the invitation to come to CMML and help them out, as you know from the last post we prayed about it and accepted.  God answered Noah's prayer!

We are more than willing to go but we had just one major obstacle before u, that was the financing necessary to go.  Within a week of Noah's prayer and our accepting the trip a gift for our family arrived at MMS, a gift sufficient to cover our trip and all associated expenses.  I must say I was dumb struck, overwhelmed and completely humbled.  God is amazing... I'm still overwhelmed and humbled.

I am so excited about this trip.  The help our family will be able to provide is certainly the reason we are going but that is not what I am most excited about.  Our kids have seen God move, felt His invitation, stepped forward in faith and watched God provide for our every need.  That is something that they will never forget, it will be one of those foundation stones they will build their life on and what a good foundation it is.

We still have alot to do between now and then and we covet your prayers for them.  Some of the things that still need done are Visa approvals, immunizations, and securing our farm while we are gone.  I encourage you to visit CMML's Mission Flight Service also to check out some of my past post on my other visit's to the Flight Service.  Kristi is going to be posting regularly on Facebook so friend her and keep up to date.

God bless and thanks, Josh

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