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Friday, November 1, 2013

MAF 206 project

This picture recently has come to MMS from the owner of the aircraft MAF.  In this scene you can see the plane sitting on a road in a waste land.  This was taken after the tsunami that hit in 2004 and affected the Indian ocean region.  That plane on the road faithfully served the survivors, relief workers and missionaries in that area.  
The plane in the picture is currently in our hangar undergoing a major restoration with the plan of putting it back into service.

Chuck and his team will have around a year invested into this plane before it can be returned to service.  But when it goes back into mission work it will be better prepared to meet the challenging roles mission planes are asked to fill.

Today has been a day on the road putting together the necessary paperwork for our visa application.  Background checks, educational experiences, professional licenses, birth and marriage certificates and one application.  Our plan is to mail the application this after noon.  We are very close to purchasing our tickets, we have picked our fight and just need the time to sit down and make the call.  

Thank you for your prayers and gifts, Josh

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