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Friday, August 30, 2013

Arctic Barnabas

My newest engine arrived last week from Alaska, from a ministry called Arctic Barnabas.  I encourage you to follow the link and find more out about them.

I asked Noah to come in and help me disassemble the engine, he was more than glad to do so.  We are very low on apprentices here at MMS.  Right now we only have one working on the shop floor.  One of our apprentices took his test earlier this week, passed and is now working to move on to his next mission.  Another completed his hours 2 weeks ago and is studying to take his written and practical test.  We have several families who are raising support and one of them might make it here some time this fall. 
 When Noah finished tearing down the engine this is what we found, another bad cam.  Either by neglect, lack of money/time or good intentions, this is a common result.  Whatever the cause an engine will sit unused, corrosion will form on the tappet bodies, eating its way thru the hard coating.  When the engine is ran the pitting on the tappets act like sandpaper on the cam shaft wearing away the lobes.  All the metal sanded off washes down into the oil pan and is circulated round and round thru the engine until it is caught by the oil filter.

 Thanks for visiting and again visit the link to Arctic Barnabas,  find out more about them.  Pray for them and for us.  Josh

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