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Friday, August 9, 2013

Oshkosh 2013

I took the opportunity to go and represent MMS at Oshkosh this year.  Some of you may ask "What is Oshkosh?"  Well "Oshkosh" is actually called EAA Airventure, The closest definition I can give with out being to wordy is Oshkosh is Mecca to those who love airplanes.  If you are in the aviation community you are required to make a pilgrimage at least once in your life. There are vendors, air shows, displays and awards. 

I stayed at campground  on the airport with I don't know how many thousand others, probably in the range of 20,000.  Manned a booth for a couple hours most days.  I got a chance to talk to alot of people, some about serving in missions some had questions about what we do and some just wanted to tell us stories.

The following are just some random pictures from the grounds: (my camera did not work well so most of my pictures were no good)
 This is Shockwave, a 3 jet engine truck with afterburners. It has 36,000hp and was able to accelerate the truck to 345mph in a couple thousand feet.
 This was taken in warbird alley. It was an reenactment of the day before the Normandy invasion.  The planes were getting there invasion stripes and while the work on the plane was being done three Veterans who took part in the invasion we telling their stories about the invasion.  This was probably my favorite part of the week.  
 This is an actual flying car, the wings are folded up it will only set you back about $250,000.
And this is the outdoor movie theater it seats about 5,000 comfortably , on Friday night for the premier of Disney's new movie "Planes"   15,000 people showed up! It was packed!

Well, I back at work now, cleaning up the Mooney's engine, waiting for the pieces I sent out for inspection to return.

Thanks, for your prayers and interest, Josh

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