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Friday, May 10, 2013

New mercy Ministry

We've been working on an engine repair for New Mercy Ministry out of Canada the last few weeks.  I first met Rick a pastor/pilot in Florida just after the Haiti earth quake.  Rick was flying his Aztec to Haiti in order to help carry and deliver aid to friends and ministry in Haiti.  On his way down his engine began consuming a higher than normal amount of oil.  Ian and I spent the better part of a day changing his cylinders and getting him back on his way.  Well this is the other engine, it dropping oil pressure and it was determined that it should be fixed.  I've got the engine on the stand and it should be done with its test run next week.  Here is a link to my blog entry where Rick's Aztec shows up in Florida.  link
 Our family took our vacation last week and spent our time in and around the D.C. area.  The highlights were the Declaration of Independence and Constitution,  Smithsonian's,  memorials, Ford's Theater and Mt Vernon.
 If you have a sharp eye and a good memory you will have noticed we have one kid to many with us.  We have concluded that it is easier to have 4 kids on vacation than 3, imagine that.  The other young lady in the picture is Joanna, Hannah's best friend.
Thanks for checking in, Josh

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