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Thursday, February 4, 2010

400MF completed

I got to ride along on one of the test flights for the new engine. I was very impressed with the amount of teamwork and coordination that it takes for a pilot and co-pilot to get one of these off of the ground.
Today 400MF is back in service carrying desperately needed cargo down to Haiti.

Today we finished up some sheet metal repairs on 300MF and will begin changing the cylinders on a Piper Aztec that was heading to Haiti to aid missionaries. The pilot on his way down from Canada noticed his plane was going thru a large amount of oil and he determined that the cylinders needed changed. We'll pull them off today and reinstall new ones tomorrow. We were going to be heading home this week but another need (other than the Aztec) has come due. 200MF the turbine DC-3 is due for a 150 hour inspection and injector nozzle inspection and cleaning. We'll be starting that on Sunday and hopefully completing it on Monday and soon after be heading home. Kristi and the kids are doing well and have been well cared for by friends in the area. Please continue to pray for them. Thanks, Josh

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  1. Thanks, Josh, for keeping us informed and for serving MFI over the past couple weeks. - Dwight