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Friday, April 19, 2013


I stand here with Bill Nye, bush pilot and pastor with Lamp.  He serves 26 communities without a church within Northern Manitoba, Canada. He has come to pick up his airplane and put in back int the service of our King.

      With the snow melting he is making preparations to visit the communities he is responsible for.  He was sharing with MMS this morning the many facets he plays in ministering to these people friend, teacher, counselor and pastor.  He will be overseeing a corps of volunteers that will be doing VBS's this summer that will have in excess of 6000 children attend.
     Where he works there are no roads... he said this morning "without my airplane, thousands of people would go their whole lives without hearing the Gospel of Christ."  Wow.  He thanked us for the work we've done for him over the winter, he understands the value of a well maintained airplane.  He lost a co-laborer recently when his airplane went down after take off.  Pray for Bill's safety and health, pray for LAMP they are in need of more pilot/pastors and pray that God would raise up men with-in these isolated communities to take over the role of teacher/pastor.
    We have played a small role in this ministry and its work to come.  Andy and I overhauled the engine and helped with some air frame repairs.  You have played a small role in it as well.  Your financial gifts and prayers are what enable me to serve world wide missions from here at MMS.  Thank you.
   Please continue to pray with us, our near future has us facing orthodontic braces for Hannah, Noah will be taking classes for college credit and our general support level is just low.

your co-laborer in Christ, Josh

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