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Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm Back

I'm sorry it has been a while since I've posted, my computer has been down.  It is amazing how much we depend on these little black boxes to work.  Plans, life, social interactions are all made easier and more frequent when you have access to a working computer and then it is gone...  Can't see your calender, can't retrieve the book you were reading or continue in the conversation you were having.  I don't like the feeling of dependency on something as unpredictable as the internet and a old computer.  Make note to self to become less dependent.
Much as happened since my last update and I do not have the time or will to share it all.  I will give a breif overview though.  I finished the 177's engine and it is being installed right now on the airframe.  A team from LaTourneau University came up over spring break and helped with various projects around the hangar.  Nathan, the student helping me did all the measuring of my cylinders for New Mercy Ministries engine and disassembled an engine for Missionary Flights International 206.  I have received all the parts necessary to start building the engine for New Mercy.  So in a snap shot that is it.
The big news in the hangar is the MAF 206.  It is almost completed and should be leaving the shop next week.  MAF has already delivered its next 206 to us and it sits right now in the back hangar waiting to be started.  Chuck and his team did a great job and the plan looks fabulous. The plan is to have its first big exhibition down at sun and fun in Florida.  If you are in the are look for it there. 

Thanks for sticking with me during my absence, lets hope that doesn't happen again for a while.  Josh

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