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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


It has been a bit since I last updated my blog and I have alot to write about, so instead of doing one large post I thought I'd cover it all over the next few days.
 Noah and I had a great time at the Klondike this weekend.  The weather was warm, in the 50's, dry and blue skies were all around.  The sled we've been working on worked great and everyone stopped to admire it at least once.  I made sure that everyone new that Noah did all the brazing and helped with the design.  He was quite proud of his work.  Building the sled has given him an interest in welding so tonight I'll start teaching him how to gas weld steel.  Expect pictures later
 The whole troop enjoyed taking turns pushing and pulling the sleds and as we passed other troops with much heavier sleds our boys were thankful for the wheels on our sled and its light weight.  We had the smallest troop there, that I saw, 5 boys.  The largest was a "Crew" that had 11.
When the competition was over and the points tallied we ranked in the to 1/3.  That might be a far cry from winning but considering the number of boys we had and the fact that for most of them it was their first Klondike, they did great!

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